Check This OUT!
Terrified to do a LIVE Book Launch? 
Worried that no one will show up?
Wondering, "What can a Virtual Book Launch Do for Me? 
Worried about 
Marketing, Book Launch Style, direction, Amazon Ads, Technology, and an EMCEE?  
The WORRY stops NOW
How will the book launch really help your book sales? 
By helping you to construct 
1. Marketing Plan
2. Book Launch Style
3. Dress Rehearsal
4. Keywords
5. Amazon Ads
6. And The Virtual Launch

I'm your personal coach to help you
Let's start!

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Spring Sale, 2023!

Terrified to do a LIVE Book Launch?
Fear holds us back from success. That's a fact, but what if you have someone holding your hand through the process? 
That stops the fear.

Do you know how to do a Virtual Book Launch?
I have no idea how to construct a virtual event. What about all the technical drama? 
I don't know how to run a live show while trying to sell my book. 
I wonder if April can help? 
The answer is yes! 
I'm here to amplify you! 

Ok, ok. But will April help me with all of the following? 
How do I keep people engaged?
How do I get people to show up virtually?
Afraid being in front of the camera?
Afraid of running the LIVE comments, prizes, & giveaways?
How do I structure the event? 
Do I need an EMCEE?
What if I want to have a guest? How do I do that?
What about decorations, themes, lighting, sound, and technical platforms? 

 If you are feeling any of these things...

You need a Coach!
April will Amplify your message to the world.

Hire April Tribe Giauque to be your Virtual Book Launch Coach Today!
Why do you need April Tribe Giauque to be your coach to launch a book? 
It's simple. 
She empowers and amplifies you with:
1.  Marketing skills, connections, ideas, and plans. 
2. One to one coaching encouragement, honest feedback with a plan to improve.
3. Skills to connect with your audience, helping you to sell more books and build more trust!
4. More Confidence in marketing, talking to others, and selling your book. 
5. Increased Exposure and Book Sales! I mean, that's the point, right? 

Here is what you will get!

  • ​How to build your Launch Team.
  • ​How to use your team during the live launch.
  • ​Guides to Keywords to prepare you for Amazon Book Ads
  • ​FREE PDF Guide to set up your Launch Success.
  • ​FREE PDF to help you get started to do your Amazon Book Ads
  • ​1 Coaching sessions during coaching Wednesday at 5:30 pm MDT 
  • ​Real Time Feedback from the PRIVATE FB support group.
  • ​PRIVATE FB group to practice your FB LIVES, share your posts, receive feedback on your structure, feel loved, and supported.
  • ​DRESS REHEARSAL review days before to the Launch so that we can work out any of the nerves, kinks, or bugs.  

ACT NOW for the 
Spring Sale

When you ACT by May 31, 2023, 
you also get... 
ME (April) 
as your EMCEE for your 
Virtual Book Launch for FREE!! 

You must act now, it is a Time-limited advantage 

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You might say, 
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That's ok! 
Book today and schedule 
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This could be you. 
What are you waiting for? 
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Remember, it is your time to shine!
It is your time to share your message with a global audience.
Yes, I Want to Hire April to Coach Me!
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